I am on a mission to help others like myself, with mental illness, to become 

stronger than the mind! 


I was that girl who never knew much about mental health. I was totally clueless, then bam, it was now my life it was now taking over every aspect of me and I had no idea where to turn or who to turn to.

There’s a clip from a film, which to me just totally describes how I felt. Like I was falling deeper and deeper within myself and there was nothing I could do about it. Watch it below and see if you get what I mean.



Did it resonate with you too? Do you ever feel so disconnected from yourself and the world around you?

I also felt so alone, more alone than ever before. I have never experienced such loneliness even though I had people around me. But not one of them really had a clue what was happening to me. I wanted to speak to someone who had been in my shoes. Someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy (ok well technically I am but you know what I mean!). I wanted someone who understood me because they had been there too. To tell me what it was like for them, what I can expect from what the Drs are offering me, from counselling etc. I just wanted to feel I belonged and understood.

Now all these years later, I have become that person.

I am now a mental health personal trainer and it is my mission to create a tribe of like minded women who are on the same path, together with my help to becoming stronger than their mind. I share the nitty gritty of day to day life with mental health. I am up front honest and I am dropping truth bombs like there is no tomorrow! I have a private support group on Facebook which you can access using the button below. I also deliver workshops and more which you can explore using the tabs on this website. I highly recommend taking a look at the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy if your ready to kick ass against the day to day symptoms of mental illness. 

Together we can become




I provide a holistic approach to tackling the day to day symptoms of your mental illness. From workshops to workouts and workbook, you will find all the help, tools and stratergies you need here to becoming stronger than your mind.

Your Stories 

These women have kindly shared their stories to help us see how we are all capable of becoming stronger than the mind.

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We work on ourselves with like minded support and guest experts. If you are ready to become stronger than your mind join our tribe.



I write about the day to day life with mental illness. I am very open and honest and I am sure you will certainly find a blog that resonates to you and makes you realise you are not alone.

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Do you want to work with a mental health personal trainer on a 1:1 basis to take the pathway to finding you again and become stronger than your mind? then book in a 1:1 call with me today and lets kick ass against the day to day symptoms of your mental illness.

Read my book

I have never shared as much as I share here in my contribution to the mumpreneur on fire 3 book. The book includes 24 other women sharing how they became successful mumprenurs against all odds. From depression, kidnap, suicide and bereavement there isn’t much these ladies haven’t overcome.

What my clients have to say about me…

I just want to say you really are amazing you are such a big inspiration in my life. I suffer with depression and anxiety, but watching your videos and seeing your posts make me look at life so different and really open the mind up! You should be so proud of yourself, your amazing.  Thank you for what you do because without having the videos to watch, or the posts to read, I probably would be in such a deep place, you’ve really lifted my spirit thank you 😘

Emma Batter

I would 100% recommend Nicola’s plans. They are very effective, made me feel so much better not just fitness and strength but mental. My sleep has improved. I had a home workout and it was great and easy to fit into my busy day at home. Would certainly recommened any friends or family to join up.

Kim Mills

Totally loving it. Really like the fact I can do all these workouts at home in my own space. Ellie Summerscale

Feeling like I am starting to see changes after one week makes me want to do this plan even more I am so glad I started. Rebecca Clark

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