Do you have a mental illness?

Are you wanting more than what the NHS can offer to help you?

Are you wanting to take control of the day to day symptoms of your mental illness?

Are you sick of your inner demons controlling you?

Do you want support from someone who has been through it too?

Do you want to learn how to become stronger than your mind?

I am here for you! I am on a mission to help you take the pathway to finding you again and becoming stronger than your mind.


I help people who feel let down and spat out by the NHS who feel like there is more than taking the medication and attending some talking therapies. I am here for those wanting more, wanting to take a more proactive and independent approach to living life with a mental illness.

I am here to help show you that if I can do it, you can do it too!

Together we can and will become stronger than the mind. 

Nicola, you are awesome…I am sitting here feeling like chucking myself of a cliff and then along you come. With everything you have going on yourself, you are motivating, inspirational in bucket loads and so bloody laugh out loud funny. Thank you for lifting my heart and my lifting my ass off the couch. – Maxine (Member of Headstrong Fitness Support Group)

Why I Can Help YOU…


I was that girl who never knew much about mental illnesses. I was totally clueless, then bam I was diagnosed (initially) with depression & anxiety. 

Mental illness was now my life it was now taking over every aspect of me and I had no idea where to turn or who to turn to.

There’s a clip from a film, which to me just totally describes how I felt. Like I was falling deeper and deeper within myself and there was nothing I could do about it. Like screaming in a crowded room but no one can hear you. Have a watch of the clip below and see if you get what I mean?


Do you ever feel so disconnected from yourself and the world around you?

 I felt so alone, more alone than ever before. I have never experienced such loneliness. I had people around me. But not one of them really had a clue what was happening to me or understood how I was feeling.

I wanted to speak to someone who had been in my shoes.

I wanted someone to tell me I wasn't crazy (ok , technically I was but you know what I mean).

I wanted someone who understood me because they had been there too.

Someone to tell me what it was like for them, what could I expect from everything the Dr's where offering me. How difficult is therapy?

I just wanted to feel I belonged and understood.

Does this sound like you too?

Well, I am here for you. All these years later, I have become that person I so desperately needed and I am here for YOU.

I am your mental health personal trainer. I have created a tribe of like minded women who are on the same path and together, with my help, are becoming stronger than their mind. I would love for you to come and join us.

I share the nitty gritty of day to day life with mental illness. I am up front honest and I am dropping truth bombs like there is no tomorrow! I also set tasks to help us to work on the day to day symptoms of our mental illnesses. We will not be beaten by our inner demons. Will you?

My private support group is located on Facebook which you can access using the button below.

As well as my support group I work more closely with people just like you so we can make significant changes to your day to day life. From increasing your self esteem and confidence to looking at your mental illness and how it affects you. 

I do this via a combination of things, mainly it is within the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy. You can learn more about this by clicking here. You can also see other ways I can help and support you be scrolling below and clicking the “help & support” tab. 


Together we can become #strongerthanthemind

Help & Support

I provide a holistic approach to tackling the day to day symptoms of your mental illness. You will find workshops, workouts and workbooks. This is where I provide you with all the help and support you need to becoming stronger than your mind. 

Your Stories 

These women have kindly shared their stories to help us see how we are all capable of becoming stronger than the mind.

Join The Academy

We work on ourselves with like minded support and guest experts. If you are ready to become stronger than your mind join our tribe.



I write about the day to day life with mental illness. I am very open and honest and I am sure you will certainly find a blog that resonates to you and makes you realise you are not alone.

Free Stuff

Here I give away the main tools you need to begin your journey to becoming stronger than your mind. From helping you learn to love you again to the most under utilised anti depressant there is. Its all here and FREE.

My Story

I share a bit of what I have been through and my mental illness journey. From attempting suicide to being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder to now running a mental health support group and academy.

Book A 1:1 Call 

Do you want to work with a mental health personal trainer on a 1:1 basis to take the pathway to finding you again and become stronger than your mind? then book in a 1:1 call with me today and lets kick ass against the day to day symptoms of your mental illness.

Read my book

I have never shared publicy as much as I share here in my contribution to the mumpreneur on fire 3 book. The book includes 24 other women sharing how they became successful mumprenurs against all odds. From depression, kidnap, suicide and bereavement there isn’t much these ladies haven’t overcome.

What my clients have to say about me…

I just want to say you really are amazing you are such a big inspiration in my life. I suffer with depression and anxiety, but watching your videos and seeing your posts make me look at life so different and really open the mind up! You should be so proud of yourself, your amazing.  Thank you for what you do because without having the videos to watch, or the posts to read, I probably would be in such a deep place, you’ve really lifted my spirit thank you 😘

Emma Batter

I would 100% recommend Nicola’s plans. They are very effective, made me feel so much better not just fitness and strength but mental. My sleep has improved. I had a home workout and it was great and easy to fit into my busy day at home. Would certainly recommened any friends or family to join up.

Kim Mills

Totally loving it. Really like the fact I can do all these workouts at home in my own space.
Ellie Summerscale

Feeling like I am starting to see changes after one week makes me want to do this plan even more I am so glad I started.
Rebecca Clark

Who even am I ?

Who even am I ?

And why am I qualified to help you?

After my initial diagnoses with a mental illness my world crumbled. I had been struggling a lot up to that point, but now it was all real, I really was crazy, I was ill. I think part of your subconscious mind when you hear you’re ill, you take to your sick bed. That coupled with how we are feeling mentally and being attached to a label with such stigma, it encourages you to hide away, or I know I certainly did. I shut myself away for months, I hardly left my bed and if I did it was only for my sofa. I was just trying everyday to make it to the end of the day while waiting for my NHS treatment to begin. I would see a counsellor once a week but this was only an interim measure for me as I needed more in depth help so when those 8 sessions ended I was just left to sit and wait.

I was letting life pass me by and I may as well have been successful in my suicide, even though I was alive, I certainly wasn’t living. I was being over consumed by the demons in my head.

One day I decided enough was enough, I started to take steps of my own. I couldn’t just sit and wait for the treatment offered via NHS that was on its knees. I needed to do something for me too. I needed to take back control of my life and I wanted to do more to help myself become stronger than my mind. So I did! I am living my life on MY terms and no longer being controlled by my mental illnesses.

And now I’m ready to share those strategies with YOU. But, why am I different to what you can get on the NHS?

I am not someone who is just here to share my journey, I am a qualified expert providing you with real life tools that you can implement straight away, tools & strategies I also use on myself. You can go to your GP and get the ‘medical’ support, BUT taking tablets won’t help you with the day to day struggles that are STILL there. That is what I am here for, that is what I am all about, filling that void that gap, between meds and day to day to life. And also for people like me who are simply unable to cope with the side effects of meds so have chosen (rightly or wrongly) to not take meds. There is another way, there is more we can do to help and that is what I am here for, what I am trained and qualified for.

I don’t use it often but for those who like to follow on Instagram here is a link and sneak peak of mine. I mainly post BTS (behind the scenes) things on my stories rather than using the Instagram feed.

Motivational Videos Filmed LIVE … RAW and REAL

Have a look at this video for some motivation and no bull shit excuses from me to see how I motivate and inspire my clients to take action.