So it’s an ugly truth but one I am going to share none the less…. So EASILY OFFENDED SKIP THIS ONE

is lack of self care. It’s not a pretty sight I tell you. But it’s clearly common as it’s asked a lot on health questionnaires and by counsellors etc. Do you take care of your personal hygiene 😨😲

Well no, no I don’t. Not when I am in the deepest depths of my depression. Jeez I hardly want to live so why an earth do I feel the need to clean ?? 🙈🙈 I mean it’s not like I’ll be going out anyway. I have gone several weeks before now where the furtherest I’ve got is to my sofa 👏👏👏 and that is a big achievement let me tell you !

There’s all these tell tell signs for people around us for when we are getting bad. Which is helpful for them and us. When we realise we haven’t had a wash or brushed our hair or took pride in appearance 😫😫😫 it’s often coupled with spiraling into a low point. Also lack of appeitit and equally and increased appetite and lack of sleep to name a few.


ITS OK 👌👌👌👌 take the time you need to get out of the depths. Give yourself a break. I seriously didn’t think I’d made a bath this week let alone a shower. And I have. A kind lady today told me to take the breaks of and I allowed myself to do that. There’s no quick fast answer to pull you out the darkness, it might take different things each time. But you will get out. My pic of my bath below proves it 🤣🤣 I can literally hear my hair follicles screaming and jumping for joy that they are about to get a wash 😂😂😂😂


Be smelly because some days being smelly is the best thing you can do. Who gives a flying pig how you smell or look. Embrace your inner zombie and focus on breathing and getting through the next minute, hour and day.

Please share this with a loved one so they can start to learn or triggers, or just on social media so other smelly depressed people can learn they are not alone…we are all smelly and depressed together 🤣