Is this you?

Do you feel so far removed from who you used to be? Are you wanting to find you again?

Are you struggling to deal with the day to day living of life with a mental illness?

Are you feeling lonely & misunderstood by those around you?

Do you wish there was someone who could support and help you who actually knows what your experiencing?

Are you wanting more than the traditional talking therapies offered by the NHS?

Did you say yes?

You’re in the right place, and you’re here for a reason….

Do you remember the day you realised you was ‘mentally ill’? Did you feel alone, confused and like the world was against you?

I know I did…I felt totally crazy, excuse the pun. 

I wished I could be with people who had been there too, who actually really understood what it was like. I felt lost, alone, scared and downright confused about what life now had ahead for me. 

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to create a community of like minded women who could be there for support and to ultimately become stronger than the mind together. 

Have you ever stopped to consider the difference between your mental health and your mental illness? 


Mental Health


This is your mindset, this is your thought processes, your emotions, reactions etc. What makes you, you basically. To work on your mental health you would need to do mindset and self development work. Such as journalling, getting all your thoughts and feelings out on to paper so they are not clouding up your mind. Meditation, creating yourself space and time to unwind and think of something totally different, even if its just a for a few minutes. This is what most people work on with a mindset coach. They work with you on your mental health on your mindset. But, they don’t cater for those whose mental health isn’t, normal, whose mental health is affected by illness. Because working on your overall mental health/mindset alone won’t help with those of us who have a mental illness. 


Mental Illness


This is your actual illness, your depression, bipolar, personality disorder, eating disorder, anxiety, social anxiety … the list goes on and on. If this was a physical illness this part would be the actual broken bone.

So, can you see how its different to your mental health, and that therefore we need to approach working on our mental health differently to those who are not ill. Those who don’t have a mental illness will work and react differently to mindset work then we will. I followed a much loved and respected mindset coach for many years, she was and is the best in her field by a country mile. But, it just wasn’t helping me, it wasn’t hitting the same nails for me, it wasn’t having the same impact. It wasn’t her fault, nor mine, it was because I was ill and therefore my treatment needed to be tailored differently. Just as you would if you was preventing cancer via a healthy lifestyle vs treating someone who actually has cancer. 

This is what I have studied and worked on for many years. Gaining the knowledge and skills that enable those of us with mental illness to work on our mental health using mindset strategies in an effective way that gives us direct results.

Have you ever heard the saying;

‘she just isn’t wired right’

…well for some of us this is kind of true. We just don’t have the right balance of chemicals. It’s nothing we did wrong its just biology, physics its just how it is. To work on our mental illness we need to work on our chemicals too. Did you know the chemicals that are added to your mental illness medications are actually created naturally in the body?

So, if we can create them and we don’t have enough is there a way we can create more our self?

YES, yes my friend there are really simple and hugely effective ways we can release more of these chemicals naturally, WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS. And you are given those tools right here in this academy. 


Can you kill two birds with one stone?

Now you know the difference, wouldn’t it be great if you can go to one place to work on both things simultaneously, with support, guidance and expertise?

That is exactly what STRONGER THAN YOUR MIND ACADEMY is here to do! 


I am a mental health personal trainer (scroll to the bottom to read more about me and my journey) and I help others like myself, with mental illnesses, to become stronger than their mind.  I often draft in other experts for us to have a broad basis of training in one simple, affordable and accessible place.  

What you get when you join the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy;

Mindset work to help you improve your mental health specifically tailored to those with mental illnesses.

Workouts and other methods to help release the chemicals needed to improve your mental illness.

Guest expert contributors on various topics throughout.

Private members support group on Facebook.

Here are some of the topics covered so far;

Sleeping to Sanity – Learn how to combat insomnia and sleeping problems.

How to Quit Overthinking – discover how to find the off switch within your mind and curb your overthinking.

Confidence & Fears Workshop – gain confidence in yourself and face your fears. 

Self Esteem Workshop – build and develop your self esteem in order to feel worthy enough again.

Crocheting for a Healthy Mind – Learn how to crochet and how it releases mood stabilising chemicals. 



I would love for you to join our community and help you to become stronger than your mind. I will be here with you every step of the way to champion you on, motivate you and understand you!

Make the decision right now that this day here, this moment in time, is when you decided to take back control and become stronger than your mind!

Just a moment … if you feel you need more! 


Become a VIP and add an extra sting in the tail to becoming stronger than your mind! Here’s what extras you’ll enjoy

One hour mentor call when you sign up to set you off on the right track and devise a plan of action.

Access to one of my online personal training plans that include audios of me motivating you through the entire workout! (RRP £160)

Monthly check in with me, and option to book a free monthly 30 min mentor call.

50% off any stand alone courses/workshops sold outside the acdamey.

lets get you signed up and get you on the way to becoming stronger than your mind.

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