Sleep and Depression … A marriage made in hell …


There are two things that are practically married and cause so many of us problems. Statistically insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and the most reported mental illness in the UK. Did you know that insomnia causes depression and depression causes insomnia! See what I mean? Its like a marriage made in HELL!! The two just go hand in hand.

Breaking up the ‘unhappy’ couple

Its time we take the sledge hammer to these two and take control of them both at the same time! We clearly can’t fix one without fixing the other, as they are inseparable. But how do you know the difference between being sleepy and not getting enough sleep to having insomnia.

Insomnia v Lack of Sleep

There is a fine line between these two but it can just be a case of how long. So, we have all had those nights right? We have something on our mind, for example a project at work, and we just can’t shut up our mind and get to sleep! We then spend the whole night tossing and turning and hardly get any sleep. But the next night we go to bed and seem to fall asleep as soon as our head hits the pillow. But then the following week or month it might happen again. Where as insomnia tends to occur on a more regular basis you have several nights where sleep just doesn’t happen. The bedroom is just like a torture chamber, you dread getting into bed and facing the sleep demon.   I used to hate the thought of getting into bed. One of the most annoying traits I certainly faced with insomnia was the damn clock!!!!! I would look at it and thing right if I go sleep now I have x amount of hours sleep, then id try close my eyes and look at the clock again. Even though it felt like an hour had passed it had only been 15 mins. So I would say to myself right get to sleep in next 15 mins and you will get x amount of sleep. Gosh that clock became the bane of my life at night!

Dreaming to depression

Did you know that people with depression have more REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) which basically means dreaming! I have the most awful dreams! I have often woke up physically crying, shaking or petrified. I would be upset and annoyed it will have took me forever to get to sleep then when I do, bam I have a horrible dream and now I don’t want to get back to sleep again! Can things be more cruel? You battle for hours for some shut eye then when you do you dream the most horrific things. You lie awake wondering why you dreamt it, if it had a meaning behind or being upset in general by the movie you just played in your head! It is therefore any wonder that this is a contributing factor to depression?

Do I even need sleep?


  So after all the battles every night you get to the point when you thing, sod it! I give in! There is no point in sleeping. It takes me too long to get to sleep and on the off chance that I do I have the most awful dreams. That is it, I am done with sleep, I don’t need sleep I am fine without it. Well unfortunately not sleep is just as important for our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing. Our body needs to repair, store our memories and knowledge (to make room for new ones) and replenish. All this occurs when we sleep. So without sleep we are pretty much snookered!

Sleeping to Sanity

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