Self Esteem Workshop

Does this sound like you?

You feel worthless or not good enough?

You’re unable to make decisions or assert yourself?

You blame you self for things that are not actually your fault?
You feel guilty for spending money or even time on yourself?
You don’t recognise your strengths?
You feel like you don’t deserve to be happy?

If you shouted “omg yes, that is so me” in your head … then first of I totally relate. It isn’t nice to think like this about yourself. To be so down and talk crap to yourself pretty much all day everyday, and it’s exhausting. Literally being your own worse enemy 

Who else is reacting negatively when someone compliments you?

YEAH ME TOO I said those similar lines for years.

But what if instead you could feel like this about yourself…

  • Trusting your own judgement and not feeling guilty when people don’t like your choices.


  • Don’t waste time worrying excessively about things that are in the past, and live in the here and now.


  • Fully trust in your ability to solve problems and don’t get over faced by difficulties or failures.


  • Consider yourself equal to others and worthy of love from yourself and others.


  • Consider yourself a valuable and interesting person to your family, friends and the world.


  • Being in control of your emotional responses to situations.

Are you ready to increase your self esteem?

Now let me first hit you with some truth bombs…

When ever I create any workshop it is not an idea I pluck from thin air. I base them off my own experiences and I also ask YOU! I often ask in my mental health support group what is the main thing that they want to work on to improve their mental health. Self esteem is always in the top 3!

Recognising you want to work on your self esteem is the first step, the easy step. The next step is hard, the next step takes courage, maybe a bit of sacrifice and it takes determination. You have to admit and commit to yourself. To be willing and ready to face those demons, to put on your battle armour and go all in!

If you are ready and willing to take charge, to take control and to see real change then lets do this! I have created a workshop along with an amazing guest expert Lucia Suarez from ‘The Unlimited Code’.


What do you get from the self esteem workshop?

Self esteem is a big topic right?

It impacts pretty much every single area of our lives doesn’t it?

Have a think, if you improved your self esteem what three areas of your life would be most affected by it?

Often these three areas are some of the most dominant areas of our lives. Therefore it is only fitting that we cover as many topics regarding self esteem as we possibly can.


The workshop will run for 15 business days – originally starting live on the 17th September 2018. But will remain open and available FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER! 

The workshop will take place in a private Facebook group. This gives you the opportunity to interact with us, and the other course members throughout. But there’s no pressure to interact. It also means the course will be saved for you in one fixed place for you to return to at any point.

A full body workout to help you naturally release the chemicals that help enhance our mood. 

The 15 topics covered in the workshop will be:

  1. The nature of self esteem
  2. Conquering the inner critic
  3. Who are you really? – Self assessment
  4. Are you being irrational – The irrational way of thinking and how to let it go.
  5. Are you compassionate? How to feel compassion for others and yourself.
  6. The biggest block ever – how false rules affect our life.
  7. Living a meaningful life.
  8. Don’t be afraid of mistakes and how to handle them.
  9. How to react to criticism.
  10. Do you know what you really want?
  11. Goal setting when dealing with low self-esteem.
  12. Additional visualisation and other techniques.
  13. Its okay to not be okay – Developing a non- judgemental attitude.
  14. Core beliefs.
  15. Enjoy a life worth living.

Are you ready to work on all these 15 topics in a safe and supportive space?


Are you ready to be someone who no longer suffers from low self esteem?


Are you ready to invest in yourself, your future and your happiness?


Remind yourself what three areas of your life will improve if you improve your self esteem…


 Then click the button below to make a small investment of £30 and be added to the workshop!