Online Personal Training

Online personal training

Can’t get to the gym? Can’t afford £25-£30 an hour for a personal trainer in person? Want someone who you can access outside of your 1 hour time slot but without having to pay extra? Want someone who has time to discuss your nutritional needs without it affecting your workout times? All these are just a few of the reasons why I have created amazing online personal training plans that are tailored specifically to you!

Each plan comes complete with audio recordings so that I can motivate you through every single workout and you have the feeling I am right there with you. But not in a creepy way!

They are cost effective, and mean you get more access to a personal trainer then has ever been possible inside the normal gym environment. And with the Facebook group for your support you never have to feel alone on your journey to combatting your mental and physical health.

Contact me today to discuss your goals and get you on the plan that will make sure you achieve them.

Face to Face Personal trainging

I offer one to one personal training sessions. Spaces are very limited and exclusive to my local area in Mossley, Greater Manchester. A personal training session is tailored to your specific needs established following a free consultation. I only offer sessions to clients who book and pay for a block of ten sessions in advance. Sessions last 40-60 minutes prices start from £250 for ten sessions or a discount is applied if booking 20 sessions which would be £400 (saving £100). 

Boot Camp style budget plans


I offer six week boot camp style programmes. These are aimed at weight loss and toning but can be customised slightly to suit individual needs. They consist of a separate support group and you can do the plans in your own time and at your own pace.

No having to be outside on a muddy field for six weeks! Also, the plans come with easy to read images of how to perform each move. There is both gym and home versions of the plans. You get access to both formats, meaning you can mix and match your gym and home workouts to suit or just stick to one of the two.

My current programme is entitled ‘Stronger Than the Mind Six Week Attack’ and will be running throughout Autumn. It is a one of cost of £35. So if you would like to get on board simply pop me a message. There is no set join or finish date, which again makes it all the more accessible and desirable.