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A personal trainer often seems so unattainable, not only are you restricted on your time and theirs but you need to have a substantial amount of spare cash lying around too. You have a gym membership to pay plus the personal trainers fees. You then have to also face busy, bustling gyms and be watched as you sweat to within an inch of your life, and lets face it, are not looking your best. Yeah that sounds like so much fun NOT!!

So how about I change the rules. How about you work out with a personal trainer wherever you want, whenever you want and no one except you and your trainer….


The Benefits of Online Personal Training

There are so many:

You choose when you want to workout, so if you work shifts or have hectic forever changing schedules or a family who dictates your time….this is perfect for you.

You control where you want to workout, busy bustling gyms aren’t always appealing to everyone, especially not during the busy months (new year and summer) and at the busy times (outside of office working hours). It can be hard to get equipment, you feel like you’re working out literally under everyone else, you can hardly hear your trainer through all the noise. The trainer is struggling to get you on the equipment they suggested you use or a clear open area to give you sufficient room to do the plan they had for you. You also have to input the travel time to and from the gym let alone the cost! NOT ANYMORE

You don’t have to find childcare, so for a lot of Dads mum is sat at home desperately waiting for you to return and take over.  So online personal training is the answer. You can do it with baby in the bouncer, having a nap, etc etc and depending on babies age you can even get them to in….they become a great weight!! imagine doing sit ups while holding and gooin at baby…multi tasking at its best (from past experience, don’t attempt shortly after babies feed, sick in mouth is never good).

Anxiety and depression isn’t as much of a barrier, it took me months to attend a new gym. I drove there several times, I got out of my car a few times, I looked at it on the internet hundreds of times, I googled the busiest times, I followed them on social media…yet I still had a panic attack when I first braved walking through the doors. And I am a qualified personal trainer so I was confident in my abilities in the gym and didn’t have that issue to contend with! It can be such a daunting thing to do having to attend a new place and to be around lots of people. On an average year I probably only spend 40% of my workout time in a gym due to my mental health. Online personal training allows you to have better control of the circumstances. Also you don’t have to cancel and still pay your trainer when you have suddenly hit a bad week or month!

More time and a more hands on approach, typically with personal training you have an hour slot 3 times a week. That hour is strict as the trainer generally has a revolving door system due to high demand. This means you only have 60 mins to warm, up, cool down, workout and ask any questions on your plan, diet, lifestyle or in general. Its so fast paced and you don’t feel like you are getting the full knowledge out of your personal trainer, because you are not. Guess what? Online personal training is the answer! Your workout plan is done and dusted and is now left for you to follow in your own time. This means you can contact your personal trainer whenever you like with any other questions, and or ask for help on the Facebook page and support group. Meaning you have a vast access to more knowledge that goes further than just the exercise programme and general diet plan.

Refunds, guess what we all are human and deserve a holiday, also we all get sick from time to time this happens for us personal trainers too. But typically within your contract with your personal trainer they will rightly so include a clause which means they still get paid even if they or you are unable to attend the session due to holidays or sickness. This is not the case with online personal training. As you are no longer exchanging time for money, you are exchanging content for money. It is therefore a one off cost and is inclusive of holidays and any sickness. As stated above, this is perfect for those of us who suffer with mental health and can have a sudden drastic drop in mood out of nowhere and quite often. No longer will you need to pay for a session you didn’t actually have.

Save a fortune, so who likes to waste money? I thought not. Online personal training is by far the most cost effective workout programme. You save a fortune! An average UK personal trainer (outside of London) will cost you £35 an hour. So lets break this down;

In person training

£35 x 5 = £175 a week!!

£175 x 52.2 (number of weeks in year) = £9,135 a year!!!

Online personal trainer

On average in the UK £300-£500 for a 24 week online programme. However, it is industry advised that you change your plan every 4-6 weeks so why do you want to do the same plan for 24 weeks? Conflicting advice don’t you think?


Male Fat Blast Transformation Plan – What you get

So now you know why online personal training is a benefit to yourself. So what is this plan all about.

Well it does exactly what is says on the tin (metaphorically of course).

  • You get a full body five day workout! Working your body hitting specific areas at a time to make sure it is worked effectively and efficiently. Also it helps to keep you and your body guessing just as one part of your body thinks you are finished with it you kick its backside all over again!
  • You will do different type of training from cardio, weights, body weights, HITT and more. All these different styles of training will guarantee you lose weight.
  • You need motivation too right though, after all that is typically the MAIN reason why people employ a personal trainer in the first place. Well you get bags of it! Each workout comes with a corresponding audio which is lovely ole me motivating (and maybe some shouting) you through the entire workout…I literally take you through every single second. You will think I am right there in the room with you.  I am a hard task master and I WILL NOT LET YOU QUIT ON ME!!!
  • There is more…..on buying the plan you get unlimited access to me, as outlined above, so that we can make sure your diet is on track. I will also give you a personalised daily calorific target based on your individual data (which you record so we can keep an eye on your progress too). On purchasing the plan you will be able to download both your welcome pack and the review pack so make sure you take a picture straight after you click buy so we can give you the most amazing round of applause on seeing your after pictures.
  • If you are not already part of it, you will be added to the online support groups in the forms of the Head Strong Fitness page as well as the mental health support group (if you are not already part of these, please follow the social media links on this website).

So what are you waiting for? Add this to your cart, invest in the new you and lets show you how much you are #strongerthanthemind


How about all the above and so much more…. Join my Stronger Than Your Mind Academy for only £10 a month Click here for more info and to join today.


So you want a personal trainer….BUT

There are so many obstacles in your way…

NOT ANY MORE!! This is the answer to all your prayers…ok well not all of them! But I can sort you a personal trainer in your hands whenever you want!


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