Full Body Six Week Bootcamp (Gym version)


A five day full body gym based boot camp  to get those happy hormones pumping and whip your body into shape. Simply print the plans and get to the gym to follow the illustrations and instructions. Its as easy as that!


Six Week Boot Camp (Gym based)

We have all been there right? We join a gym we buy some lovely new gym clothes and maybe even trainers. We are all set we are going to be feeling and looking great in no time. We walk into the gym on our first day we hit the treadmill….then what? there is so much stuff around…you feel lost, confused and wonder what an earth they are doing to that machine over there. You just bump around from machine to machine not really knowing what is what. Or you just stay in the cardio area going from treadmill, to bike, to cross trainer and maybe even a cheeky row

NO!!!! Stop this I have a plan…..

So how about this. You have some lovely print outs that show you a visual demonstration of what to do (and a detailed written description) that not only gives you clarity on what and how to use in the gym. But also a step by step plan to follow to work your body in the best way to get the results you desire. So now you can walk into the gym armed and ready for an amazing workout that is sure to fire up those happy hormones pumping and have you feeling more confident in what you are doing.


What we have here is a full body six week boot camp that will work every inch of your body helping to feel and look better than ever before. You will work on different areas of the body each day giving them the attention they deserve. You will do a mixture of weights and cardio and your serotonin levels (your happy hormones) will be increasing every single day. Helping you to feel STRONGER THAN THE MIND and looking amazing in the mirror.


When you fill in your welcome questionnaire you will then also get a detailed calorific daily target that is completely personalised to YOU! I will give you a daily calorie target that you MUST strive to meet at all costs. Simply download a calorie counting app, like my fitness pal, scan your foods as you go and jobs done. Obviously keep the calories clean! My rule of thumb is could a cave man eat it? If the answer is no, question what it is you are eating. We are not stupid we all know the basics of healthy eating, so don’t let society confuse you to thinking your must stick to a strict regimented diet akin to what a rabbit would eat. It is not rocket science, these diet plans and fat clubs like you to think that so they can charge you a fortune for simple information you already know! If you want more specific advise simply keep a food diary for a week and pop me a message.


Have fun, do this for you and your mind and nothing else!!! You are taking control of your situation and are more than what is looking back at you in the mirror. Do this for that pumped up feeling at the end of a workout session that you just nailed it! Do it so that your physical increase in strength can be used mentally to. DO THIS FOR YOU!!!



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