A Simple Getting Started with Meditation Guide incs 2 FREE MEDITATIONS


A simple get started guide to meditation, including 2 FREE audio meditations.


I have herd of meditation since as far back as I can remember. But it has only been in the last two years that I have actually started to use guided mediation in my quest to become stronger than my mind.

Can you relate to this?

You don’t know how to clear your mind?

You don’t want to have someone else taking over your brain?

Your afraid it will make upset?

Meditation is a form of hypnosis

You can’t sit crossed legged or don’t want to?

You have no interest in being a monk?

These are just some of the misconceptions I had about meditating. I also thought I needed a meditation teacher or someone to sit with me and help me figure all this out!

I was wrong

So wrong! I have now been using guided meditation for some years and I find it crucial in my quest to become stronger than my mind! Meditation is amazing for taking back control. For having some time out. It also helps me to feel focused.

Getting Started with Meditation

As someone who spent years wondering why meditation was so out of my reach, and so lost in the depth of information when I searched google. I decided to create a simple and effective self help guide to getting started with meditation. Also I thought it might even be useful to record my own. One of my worries was that I would click on a wrong link or something and end up with a corrupt link of someone trying to hypnotise me and take over my brain (I know, I think deep haha!). So, you can hear my friendly voice and rest assured I won’t be taking over your mind at all and will give a simple and quick insight into guided meditation. There is a five min morning and evening meditation included in the this guide.


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