A Guide to Finding Yourself


Some people get lost for so long, they forget what it was like to be themselves. Find you again!


A Powerful Tool Box to Find YOU


I have said so many times, I have no idea who I even am!? I used to think this was just part and parcel of being a mum that you forget who you are. That you just become you and the old you is hiding as that’s what mums do. But as I became a mum at 17 I hadn’t even had the time to find who I was. So this is again what I put my feelings down to. I just had never been me that was all.


No more excuses


No I was wrong, I was kidding myself. I hadn’t lost myself becoming a mum. I had lost my self to mental illness. And mental illness I had battled without knowing for many years. I had become an expert at being anyone except me, that I had now buried myself so deep I couldn’t find me again!


She may be hiding but she is there


I slowly started doing the tasks found in this workbook to find me again. But let me tell you something. It took time. And I kid you not, I literally got scared by me. When I did start seeing or hearing me pop up it freaked me out initially. I was like who an earth are you, I don’t feel comfortable with or being you. But as with most self development practise makes perfect.

You have spent years behaving and thinking the way you are currently doing, and the harder your worked to hide your self the harder you will need to work to dig yourself out. So allow your self time. But this workbook will give you the tools you need to get started.


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