Maternal Mental Health Awareness Campaign

My mission to raise awareness and why


I was sat in my local hospital’s ante natal clinic waiting area, I’d just had my 12 week scan for baby number 4 I had a huge gap between my previous 3 children and my 4th and now was officially mentally ill, which I never was during my previous 3 pregnancies. I was eagerly scanning the notice boards and posters while I sat waiting looking for what support and help would be offered to someone like me. There seemed to be an abundance of information from everything you could possibly think of affecting mums to be and new mums. So much advice and support, breastfeeding, domestic violence, coping with twins, group b strep the list went on and on. 

What about us crazy mums? 

I couldn’t find anything for mums with mental illnesses, no poster, no information leaflet, nothing. Now, I was already under the enhanced midwifery team, which are specialised mental health midwifes, I had spoken to her on the phone and she was amazing. But, I was only already under her as my GP was well aware of my on going mental illnesses and made sure I was referred to them. But what if he wasn’t aware, or what if I had yet to discover I was mentally ill, or what if I had been keeping quiet about it all. Where was the information to help us crazy mums. This is what I am campaigning to change! I want other mums to be to be able to be in the waiting room and know they are not alone, they need not suffer in silence, they can get help and support. 

This is a poster I have created with the help of other mums who have also experienced maternal mental health. We are using our faces, and our stories, to show other mums and mums to be that they are not alone. And here you will find information and my continuing journey to raise awareness and make this poster a feature nationally across ante natal clinics, baby weigh in groups, nursery etc you name it I want mums to see us and feel supported! 

Take the pathway to finding you again

Maternal mental health problems can leave us feeling lost, out of control, alone and desperate to pull ourselves out of this mess. I have created a workshop designed to do just that and more. I am doing a special discount for maternal mental health that will never expire! No week long campaign here! This is about change forever. See the workshop below (or to the right if your reading this on desktop version 😉 and enter code maternal50 to get 50% discount on the workshop.

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Hits Radio News

I got the campaign onto a national radio stations news! You can listen to the clips they played across the morning news bulletins on Friday 3rd May 2019 by pressing play below.