How Did They Do It?

So, we all see these amazingly successful actors and sports stars. In a world that is so saturated and seems impossible to be noticed! Yet they did it. They got noticed and are renowned for being the best of their game.  It seems so unreachable for the millions of kids, and adults in local drama classes every week reaching for what seems the impossible. So, it surely isn’t a coincidence that the clip above shows just some of the most successful Hollywood actors are all of the same belief and used the exact same strategy. And it isn’t just Hollywood celebs. The most successful female skier Lindsey Vonn uses it, Bob Proctor (who was a high school dropout that went on to become a self made millionaire uses it), Richard Branson used the Law of Attraction from being young! Read his autobiography ! It is amazing!

I could go on and on and name pretty much every single successful person and show you how they have actively or unconsciously engaged the law of attraction and ‘cosmic ordering’ to get where they want and what they want in life!

Is it a religion? A cult?

Hands up, who thought this? When I first heard a few whispers about the law of attraction, it was about the same time as Tom Cruise and the whole Scientology thing was bouncing around too. So, I shrugged it off thinking the law of attraction was another American cult or new found religion. I didn’t need a new religion or want one. I am an atheist and am happy that way. Each to their own, but religion isn’t for me!

The law of attraction is actually based on the law of physics,quantum physics including the discovery of what they called ‘mirror neurons’ in the brain. To read more read this article in the Huffington Post

It sounds so simple…is it?

If you have already heard of, or even tried to engage the law of attraction, you will know it isn’t as simple or as easy as it may first seem. Just think what you want. Ok done. NOPE! Those of us with mental health know how difficult it is to try and control the mind. And on my quest to become stronger than my mind against mental health, the law of attraction has been one of my biggest tools! But it is just as difficult to learn as is to just think positive when your anxiety is running wild.

Our heads are full of so much and we have been conditioned to think the way we do right now. So, all that old way of thinking needs to be undone. But the main thing that needs to happen for the law of attraction to work is …. BELIEF it is your inner power to unlocking the law of attraction.

I remember starting small and visualising a parking space outside my house. I then moved onto something physical, I wanted a new winter coat, I visualised the coat I wanted and I got it.

I know you may read this and think coincidence, and that is fine, you may not be open enough or ready to accept that you may have played a part in where you are now. It is hard to swallow. I was there too. It took me several attempts to really ‘look’ into the law of attraction. And even then I had pit falls. It is something that I picked up and dropped several times. Until in the last two – three years it has become one of the biggest passions of mine and something I do DAILY!


JIM CARREY – He was broke and had nothing.  Every-night he drove up to a street in America that housed famous actors and directors. Whilst there he pictured being given praise for his acting skills and having good things in his life. He wrote himself a cheque for $10,000,000 and dated it Thanks Giving 1995 and kept in his wallet (he give himself 3 years for the cheque to be ‘cashed’). Just before Thanks Giving 1995 he found out he was going to make $10,000,000 for his role in Dumb and Dumber! Search Jim Carrey the law of attraction and you will LOADS of talks and interviews his has done. He is an amazing teacher of the law of attraction. As is Will Smith!


This programme is going to delve you right into the law of attraction. I have teamed up with Lisa Kelly-Mulhern from Miss Intuitive who is a Law of Attraction coach, as well as a energy healer and reiki master!

What the law of attraction is and how it is used.

 Positive affirmations guide (what they are and how to use them)

 Meditation and the Law of Attraction

Finding your zen

 How to create a dream jar and visualisation task


And it wouldn’t be a stronger than the mind plan if we didn’t release some happy chemicals also?

The law of attraction is a massive tool to becoming stronger than the mind and when teamed with exercise it can and is literally life changing.


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