New year workout plan

New Year New You, What a cliche lets change this shit up!

In 2020 we will learn to become Stronger Than The Mind! And this is exactly where we start.

Hands up who can relate?

So, its January, you have been par taking in a diet in the last few weeks of December, known as the ‘see food’ diet (you see food you eat it!) It was good wasn’t it? I know I enjoyed it. But now you feel awful and as the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, you felt like something had to change, diet, health and your mindset. You made a promise to yourself ‘this year I will stick to my new years resolution to lose weight and to get fitter mentally and physically’.

How many times have we all done this and then bought the latest celebrity fitness DVD while doing the weekly food shop (which now resembles a shop for a rabbit!) and we even sign up to a gym ! Yet come February/March we still haven’t taken the DVD out of the packaging, and the gym…well we did drive past it once or twice and seriously contemplated going one Sunday morning, but then a friend called and you went for a full English instead! As for working on the day to day symptoms of your mental health and cleaning up your mindset, well you read the cover of a self help book and that is about as far as you got right?

 Lets change that and make 2020 the year you become Stronger Than Your Mind

I have solved both these problems in one plan. I have combined my personal training and counselling qualifications to bring you the best plan you will get your hands on this new year.

Sure you can go pay £15-£20 for some celeb endorsed fitness DVD, or you can pay £20-£40 a month for a gym membership you will probably never use again, OR YOU CAN JUST DO THE JANUARY RE SET PLAN ?

I am going to reset EVERYTHING!!! I want you to think about something a moment, imagine I am in front of you and I say, ‘tell me what exercise makes you think of?’ Answers will most likely include an association to something negative. Meaning we only tend to think about exercise when we are thinking bad about our bodies. For example, we might be watching Love Island and we think gosh I really need to workout so I can look like that. Or we see a giant chocolate giant and think ill have it eat it all and then ill get back to gym next week. The point is we have a negative association with it before we have even begun. It seems a chore, a hard task we have to slog through to look like some unrealistic version of perfection that is so far out of reach, we soon give up.




We need to learn to reset our minds and not associate exercise with something unrealistic and negative. Because whenever have you stuck to something you think so negatively about? Have you even stopped to think about your emotional connections with food and why you have them?

Have you ever looked at exercise for something other than wanting to change your physical appearance?

Did you know exercise is the most under utilised anti depressant there is.

Do you know that the anti depressant or mental health medications you take contain certain ‘happy chemicals’ to help stabilise and control your moods better? The aim of these chemicals is to balance you out. Because mental illnesses are linked to an imbalance in these chemicals. So, basically your in short supply of them. As wonderful as western medicine is, we learned to copy these chemicals so we can add them to little pills. Great! And for most of us they really are great. I am not doubting them at all. But and this is a big but, with the chemicals comes other ingredients and chemicals which unfortunately can produce some pretty nasty side effects. Have you ever read the leaflet of your medication to see what the side effects might be? Its shocking to see that on most meds one of the side effects is feeling worse and suicidal thoughts.

What if I told you that when you exercise, your body automatically and instantly releases a boost of these ‘happy chemicals’?! Its a bit like taking a full sleeve of anti depressants but without the side effects or overdose effect. Instead after exercise you feel like you are back in control. Like someone or something just instantly calmed you.

Not only that exercise is a great way for us to get some time out away from everything else. A time just to focus and re connect with our self. When I exercise its the only time that I stop overthinking, I stop thinking about what I need from the shops or worrying about the kids. I am purely focused on making it to the end of the exercise. You switch off and for those of us with mental illnesses that is normally such a rare thing.


But this is more than just a workout plan


In order to truly become stronger than your mind you need to work on our mindset, on your mental health in terms of what you think, the actions you take and the tools you use when your emotions are running wild from you.

Working with a normal mindset coach or doing a normal self help book won’t help those of us with mental illnesses. Because our minds don’t work the same and we have much deeper rooted issues and are needs are more complex.

But as someone who has been there and worn the t shirt this is where I come in. In this plan we work on our mindset from a mental health point of view. In this plan we dig deep and look at how we can take back control of our minds and the day to day symptoms of our mental illness.


So go on then, tell me what’s in this plan I hear you ask…


5 Mind-set Workbooks 

  1. Finding me workbook – A workbook to help give you the tools to take control of your moods.
  2. Workout mood diary – A diary with a difference to help you see the mental effects of exercise.
  3. Gratitude Journal – Learning to connect with the universe and a snap shot of the Law of attraction.
  4. Dream Jar Workbook – How to make one, what it is, why you need it.
  5. Mediation – A dummy’s guide, and unlocking those misconceptions like you need to clear your mind PLUS 2 meditations.

A Full Body Workout 

A workout print off with video demos to enable you to workout wherever you choose, at home or take it to the gym and incorporate some weights its up to you. I have given you complete flexibility. We will work all the key areas inc those we struggle with the most, abs, bums, legs and yes there is cardio in there too. I have done it as a buildable plan too so it will suit all levels from beginner right up to intermediate. You set the bar and you keep pushing it higher and higher so this workout can last you for up to 16 weeks if not more. Simply by making small adjustments. I recommend you change your workout every 4 weeks so your body is still working you have to keep your workouts fresh for them to be effective. You can add weights, increase weights, increase intensity and increase time frames.

A diet of no diet 

I don’t like to stress too much on diets. The rest of the world likes to over complicate it and make it sound like you are getting value for money when really you are being taught what you already know. So I will not be over complicating matters. Don’t let the media and these multi million organisations trick you into thinking you don’t already have a good knowledge on what to eat. Go to the extreme but then scale it back. So ask yourself could a cave man eat this? If he could then eat away. If is been that highly processed there is no way on earth he would have been able to have it, then don’t. But obviously allow some wiggle room. With that in mind fill in your welcome pack with all your personal details (I don’t mean your passwords and bank details). I will then work out what YOUR individual  daily calorific target should be and break down in what ratio to consume it. For example 2000 calories a day broke down into 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat. You can add these details to an app such as My Fitness Pal then you can track your days simply by scanning the bar codes of the food you eat. This will help you to make sure you eating enough and eating it in the right ratio of carbs, fat and protein. 

So what makes me the expert?

I am a mental health personal trainer and I help others like myself, with mental illnesses, to become stronger than their mind.  I combine my expert fields in one simple, affordable and accessible place. As a qualified counsellor and mental health mentor, I am also a fully qualified personal trainer.  I therefore bring to you a unique and holistic approach to taking the pathway to finding you again. What sets me apart from the rest, I have lived and breathed and walked in the same shoes as you. I have depression, anxiety, complex PTSD, post natal anxiety and post natal OCD. But my main mental illness is that I have borderline personality disorder (or some know it as emotionally unstable personality disorder). I have taken myself from several suicide attempts and being a serial self harmer to someone who is awake, aware and in control of her day to day symptoms of mental illness. Now I am going to help you do the same.


We all like to feel extra special right? And we like to have the option to upgrade.

So I am giving you the VIP option. You get all the above, the 5 mindset workbooks and the full workout


An audio of the workout above which is ME motivating the hell out of your through the entire workout. So press play and you will fee like you have me as your own personal trainer right there with you, in your front room, in the gym, at the park wherever you choose to workout. I will be with you every single second of the way. I take no prisoners and I do not allow quitting! I will keep you motivated and get you to the end of the workout.


I will take a personal look at your food diary. Keep a food dairy (included) for up to a week and I will take a look at it and tell you any changes you can make to your diet. So make sure to be brutally honest on your diary, literally tell me everything that passes your mouth (for all those turning blue I don’t mean EVERYTHING you filthy animal!).

Or you can save money but invest in yourself way more…

Let me introduce you to the Stronger Than Your Mind Academy. 

This is for you if you are ready to take full control and leaps of action into truly becoming stronger than your mind.

This is for you if you are ready to take full control and leaps of action into truly becoming stronger than your mind.

This is for you if you want to leave the old you in 2019 and truly find you again this year.

By joining the academy not only do you get access to the Reset Plan as above but you also get access to so so much more. And all via a small monthly investment into yourself.

Are you ready and willing to find out more?