January Mind & Body Reset

New year workout plan

New Year New You, What a cliché lets change this shit up! in 2018 we will learn to become #Stronger Than The Mind! And this is exactly where we start!!! boom…..drops the mic

Hands up who can relate?

So its January, you have been par taking in a diet in the last few weeks of December, known as the ‘see food’ diet (you see food you eat it!) It was good wasn’t it? I know I enjoyed it. But now you feel awful and as the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, you felt like an elephant in the room (literally), you made a promise to yourself ‘this year I will stick to my new years resolution to lose weight’. How many times have we all done this and then bought the latest celebrity fitness DVD while doing the weekly food shop (which now resembles a shop for a rabbit!) and we even sign up to a gym ! Yet come February/March we still haven’t taken the DVD out of the packaging, and the gym…well we did drive past it once or twice and seriously contemplated going one Sunday morning, but then a friend called and you went for a full English instead! Hands up!!! Does this sound like a typical new year for you too?

Does this sound like you too?

There was a film released this year called ‘Get Out’ it was a popular thriller. The clip below shows a man get hypnotised and he then feels like he is falling down a deep dark hole and floating around in the bottom of it. As he looks up he sees a TV screen and it shows what his eyes would be seeing. But he is disconnected someone else is taking over his body and he is powerless. (See clip below).  I felt like that was ME!!! That is how I feel daily. Like I can’t connect like am not able to talk or speak up. Someone says are you ok, I automatically say ‘yeah I am fine’ when really I am totally not fine at all. I suffer from several mental illnesses. I know I am not alone in this. I know there are many of us, probably you too, who suffers with our mentally health. But what we don’t all realise is how we can help ourselves! One of the things that Drs used to say to me a lot at the start was to go for a walk or exercise. I should to think they was the crazy ones! Why would I want to exercise when I feel so bad! Getting out of bed is enough effort as it is. But eventually I did do a workout. I was so annoyed I don’t like being proven wrong. But I was ! I noticed that as I worked out I hadn’t thought of anything! It was like my demons had been put to sleep. All I had thought about was the exercise I was doing. I also felt ok, I felt strong I felt proud I felt like I had something I was capable of doing and I was in control of it. I then went on to learn that feeling was due to serotonin which is released when we workout and is a mood stabilizer. It is akin to what is found in anti depressants and thus that is why Drs etc all state how exercise is the worlds most under utilised antidepressant.

Lets turn January on its head!

Did you relate to both scenarios above? Yeah me too, but fear not ! I have solved both these problems in one plan … I know I know its insane right. Well technically I am but wasn’t Einstein too so I have great company. So I have been a typical woman and multi tasked… I have combined my personal training and counselling qualifications to bring you the best plan you will get your hands on this new year. Sure you can go pay £15-£20 for some celeb endorsed fitness dvd, or you can pay £20-£40 a month for a gym membership you will probably never use again, OR YOU CAN JUST DO THE JANUARY RE SET PLAN ? I am going to reset EVERYTHING!!! I want you to think about something a moment, imagine I am in front of you and I say, ‘tell me what exercise makes you think of?’ Answers will most likely include an association to something negative. Meaning we only tend to think about exercise when we are thinking bad about our bodies. For example, we might be watching Love Island (yes I do watch, yes I am ashamed haha) and we think gosh I really need to workout so I can look like that. Or we see a giant chocolate giant and think ill have it eat it all and then ill get back to gym next week. The point is we have a negative association with it before we have even begun. It seems a chore a hard task we have to slog through to look like some unrealistic version of perfection that is so far out of reach we soon give up! ITS TIME FOR CHANGE! We need to learn to reset our minds and not associate exercise with something unrealistic and negative. We need to look at it for what it is. The most under utilised anti depressant there is and a way for us to get some time out away from everything else. A time just to focus and re connect with out bodies. With the added bonus that we will loose weight, tone up and feel stronger physically and mentally. It is all about learning that WE CAN BECOME STRONGER THAN THE MIND. That is exactly what the January Reset Plan is designed to do!

So go on then, tell me what’s in this plan…..

5 Mind-set Workbooks 

  1. Finding me workbook – A workbook to help give you the tools to take control of your moods
  2. Workout mood diary – A diary with a difference to help you see the mental effects of exercise
  3. Gratitude Journal – Learning to connect with the universe and a snap shot of the Law of attraction
  4. Dream Jar Workbook – How to make one, what it is, why you need it.
  5. Mediation – A dummy’s guide, and unlocking those misconceptions like you need to clear your mind PLUS 2 mediations

A Full Body Workout 

A workout print off with video demos to enable you to workout wherever you choose, at home or take it to the gym and incorporate some weights its up to you. I have given you complete flexibility. We will work all the key areas inc those we struggle with the most, abs, bums, legs and yes there is cardio in there too. I have done it as a buildable plan too so it will suit all levels from beginner right up to intermediate. You set the bar and you keep pushing it higher and higher so this workout can last you for up to 16 weeks if not more. Simply by making small adjustments. I recommend you change your workout every 4 weeks so your body is still working and thus still releases those happy hormones and still gives you physical side effects too. You can add weights, increase weights, increase intensity and increase time frames.

A diet of no diet 

I don’t like to stress too much on diets. The rest of the world likes to over complicate it and make it sound like you are getting value for money when really you are being taught what you already know. So I will not be over complicating matters. I have so many clients saying to me ‘I don’t know what to eat’ LIES!!! I come back with a question ‘If you had two choices a burger from a fast food shop, or a chicken breast with sweet potatoe chips and bananas baked with honey? Which do you think is the healthier one?’ No one has gone for the burger. See you do know !! Don’t let the media and these multi million organisations trick you into thinking you don’t already have a good knowledge on what to eat. Go to the extreme but then scale it back. So ask yourself could a cave man eat this? If he could then eat away!! It is been that highly processed there is no way on earth he would have been able to have it, then don’t. But obviously allow some wiggle room. With that in mind fill in your welcome pack with all your personal details (I don’t mean your passwords and bank details). I will then work out what YOUR individual personalised (do you get the message) daily calorific target and break down in what ratio to consume it. For example 2000 calories a day broke down into 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat. You can add these details to an app such as My Fitness Pal then you can track your days simply by scanning the barcodes of the food you eat and helping you to make sure you eat enough. Eating too little will make you put on weight! I wont go into details about that right now haha but feel free message me for more info on the starvation effect.

Your totally covered, mind body and diet!!!!


We all like to feel extra special right? And we like to have the option to upgrade. So I am giving you the VIP option. With this you get an audio of the workout above which is ME motivating the hell out of your through the entire workout. So press play and you will fee like you have me as your own personal trainer right there with you, in your front room, in the gym, at the park wherever you choose to workout. I will be with you every single second of the way !!!! I take no prisoners and I do not allow quitting!!!!!!!

PLUS – I will take a personal look at your food diary. Keep a food dairy (included) for up to a week and I will take a look at it and tell you any changes you can make to your diet. So make sure to be brutally honest on your diary literally tell me everything that passes your mouth (for all those turning blue I don’t mean EVERYTHING you filthy animal!!!).

Talk Prices …

I have bills to pay a family to feed and I have put HOURS AND HOURS AND SWEAT AND STRESS into this plan. It didn’t just appear overnight. So I have to charge you I am sorry, but I am worth it TRUST ME!! But I have kept the prices totally fair! like ridiculously fair, like if I had set the prices AFTER I finished the plan, it would be at least double. Buy hey you get to reap the rewards for my mistakes as I already mentioned the price on social media so I will stay true to my word. You will be investing in yourself and the price you will pay for that is £50! If you want invest in yourself as VIP then you will pay £100 (Payable in two instalments, either weekly or monthly, you get access to the materials once all payments have cleared)


Or click here for the standard plan

Or close this entire window and go make the same mistakes as last year and come back to me in a few months….you choose


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