I feel dirty, ashamed and … human ! 
As a personal trainer I know all the benefits of exercise. And as I only became a personal trainer to help others see how much it benefited me in the bid to help combat my depression, I don’t exercise for purely physical goals. I do it for the mental benefits. The increase in serotonin levels (the sciency bit) basically happy hormones are released ok. So if even I fall off the wagon and have a week off does that mean it’s impossible. After all am the one meant to be setting an example. Am a personal trainer and they live in the gym right (wrong!) and if I can’t do it then either am a rubbish personal trainer or we are all doomed. 

So what happened ? Well, life that’s what;

Half term and three kids to entertain
A house with blogged drains
A business to run
A training course to complete

Well it felt ok at first. I didn’t even miss it or notice it for the first day or two as I was so busy. But by day 3 I realised how bad my eating habits had got. I know it sounds crazy but when I train I tend to eat better as I don’t want to undue my hard work and I don’t know to be honest I just do, it kind of comes natural. But by day two I’d eaten more carbs than in the last month and had a trip to all you can eat buffet at Pizza Hut and that’s just the start! PLUS it’s Easter Sunday, to say I love my chocolate is an understatement.

More than food …. sleep what has happened to you ? 

I feel awful. I haven’t slept a full night since last week. And it’s getting gradually worse. If you know me you’ll know I’m open about the fact I suffer with mental health problems such as depression. If you don’t already know, this can have a severe impact on sleep. And it certainly does for me. I struggle to get to sleep and I struggle to stay a sleep and seem to constantly nap. Lack of sleep is a form of torture and I can totally see why and I’m sure you will agree lack of sleep is awful. It impacts everything! But I can say for certain I see a dramatic difference in my sleep from when I exercise to when I don’t. When I exercise I don’t find it as hard to get to sleep and I have more restful sleep, waking up less in the night and waking up feeling like I’ve slept. It makes such a difference to my day and how I feel and what mood I am in. 

So I feel rubbish I’ve eaten rubbish how am I going to get the energy to get back on the fitness wagon? 

Well first of I am not going to beat myself up. I am human and things happen. It doesn’t mean I can’t do it or I’ve failed and am destined to be unfit forever. If everyone give up at the first or even 10th hurdle we wouldn’t have most of the modern technologies we enjoy today!

SMXLLI know that when I exercise it helps me mentally and physically. I know it helps with my mental health and I know it helps keep my weight at bay. So I’ve had a week off. Big wow. There’s no point crying over it and giving up for good. Will my first day back exercising be hard? YES. Will I ache afterwards? YES. But will it be worth it? YES ! It can be as hard or as tough as you make it. Anything new starts with focusing your mind set. Keeping in mind why you are doing it, what you will achieve from it, and how that will make you feel!! You start small and you believe in yourself. Your body can do ANYTHING the mind wants it to do! Personally I like to just get things done fast. Like pulling of a plaster really quick. So I will get myself back on the wagon by starting with a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training workout so it’s over and done with in a flash. 

SMLXLNever forget to believe in yourself, believe you can achieve your goals and don’t let anyone tell you any different !! Take baby steps and make it all about balance. I eat healthy 80/20 and workout 5 days a week and take time off like this week. Don’t over exert yourself doing gruelling unrealistic unsustainable workouts (or diet plans).  

If you need any help getting on plan or back on track then get in touch.  

X Love Nix X