All weekend I’ve said to myself, eat load of junk because on Monday you’re back on with the training!  I’ve even looked at local gyms (I have a small gym in my home which is adequate enough). 

So it’s Monday morning, I can’t face going into a busy gym (first excuse, although very valid). No worries I am lucky enough to have my own home gym, I am really hungry this morning maybe I should eat breakfast first (fair enough, fuel the body and all that but still second excuse). Don’t need to workout with food intact fasted workouts can boost weight loss. I have a training session I want to watch at 9:30am (third excuse) the session is recorded and will be available forever no need be on live. Maybe I should eat breakfast watch the training session while it settles and then workout (fourth excuse) as we all know that once settled into work mode I won’t want to stop and will be evening before I realise it and I won’t workout.

Ok I really need to get out my own way. What are my options? I skip another workout, feel bad, another restless nights sleep ahead, and another day battling my depression on my own. OR I get the god damn workout done I listen to my fave music while I do it and say my daily affirmations. I find it hard but that gives me strength to face my day. I finish my workout. I feel empowered I feel energised my serotonin levels are increased (the bodies mood stabaliser) I eat better and sleep so much better! 

What have I done? Did I workout ? Well I’ve wrote this blog about how de motivated I feel to workout to show others they’re not alone. And as a personal trainer people assume I naturally wake up at 5am desperate to workout. I wanted to put that record straight. To show we are all human. We all have to dig deep and motivate ourselves to do things. And the only one standing in your way is YOU! Even writing this blog has made me feel motivated to go and get those feelings of empowerment, achievement and to balance my bodily chemicals to help me in my moods today.  I am now getting my workout clothes out as I type as its only 07:16 so still plenty time get my workout done 💪🏽🏋🏼


Contact me today to see how I can help you and get in touch if you’re ready to take control back and look in the mirror and say I DID IT ‼️  

X Nix X