Is there a food you just can’t say no to?

What I am about to say will sound both easy and obvious, and only when you are truly ready and accepting of your habit will you even consider it.

All habits are learned behaviours and to break it you need to break the link, the chain, the stem that is keeping that behaviour a reoccurring habit for you.

Here’s the simple yet obvious solution to your problem…

For nine days eat only that food. NOTHING else. You can drink 4-6 glasses of water a day. But that is it. Your consumption for the next 9 days is to be purely the food you just can’t say no to. Sounds easy right? Sounds like your ideal 9 days right? Ok but in reality you know that with anything too much of it becomes boring. But this isn’t the real reason why this challenge works.

Try it. Take it seriously. Anyone who makes it to the end of the 9 days (with proof) and still enjoys or wants to eat the said food. Can have FREE access for life to my Stronger Than Your Mind Academy.

Why and how does this work …

Well you see it’s all about learned behaviour and pain v pleasure. When we first are that piece of chocolate (for example). It tasted good. Oh so good. Then when we next saw it. We was happy, knowing the pleasure we was about to receive. And the positive feelings of pleasure kept on coming. And within our brain this created a stem so to speak. Imagine the first piece of chocolate was a seed. And it became implanted in your brain. Each time you ate chocolate you helped the seed grow. And now all these years later you have this gigantic and mighty strong tree.  Your now sitting under that tree and eating your chocolate and its become your happy place.

How to cut down the tree…


You love you happy place under your tree with your chocolate. But now you’ve started to hate how you look. Your skin is full of spots. You feel uncomfortable and unattractive. You know that it’s chocolate causing it. But you just can’t say no to it. It’s akin to an addiction. It’s your only happy place. Even though your getting pain from this activity. Your also getting this immense pleasure you have had for many years. Like a comfort blanket and you just can’t let it go. No matter how much it hurts. You cut the leaves off the tree and try to stop. But there’s just too many branches. You manage to cut some. Some days you may even go weeks with leaves and branches chopped. But the thick gigantic tree trunk remains. So eventually the branches and the leaves grow back. Your just stuck.

Time to get the chainsaw out …

The only way to remove that tree (your addiction, your unhealthy habit, your change in behaviour) is to cut the tree down and remove the roots ! The reason the tree grew and grew so big was because of your sense of pleasure from the tree.

In life we work of two principles; pain or pleasure. All our decisions and behaviours our based on our perceived perceptions of the two. In every single situation there is either one present. And sometimes there can be two. But the one that is strongest wins.

So right now the pleasure the tree gives you. The happy place of you sitting under your tree eating your chocolate is greater than the pain of being over weight and unhealthy.

Chainsaw time! Eat the chocolate and only the chocolate every day all day for 9 days. And see if you still derive pleasure from it. If pleasure is still tipping the scales against pain?


Become stronger than your mind…


I dare you to employ this. You will have doubts. Your subconscious will try and stop you and your competitive side will want to take part. Again what will win? The pleasure of beating your self. Or the pain you fear you may feel if you fail? Fear after all is False Evidence Appearing Real.

And although I have used chocolate and a food item in this example. This task can be used for ANY situation or behaviour trait in your life. You just have to employ it in the right way.

You can also do affirmations every day such as ‘I always make the right choices for myself and my diet’. Another trick is to stop the behaviour in its tracks. Have you ever been in an in depth conversation with someone, you get distracted, you go back to your conversation and you totally forgot what you was speaking out. This is a prime example of an interruption in your patter, in your brain. And you can use the same method to undue bad behaviours! So the next time you realise that you are thinking of the bad habit literally shout NO in your head as loud as you can. Even better stand up clap your hands and say it and say it out loud! This will help break the pattern and break the cycle too.

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