Does this sound like you?

  • Are you overweight and don’t know how to fix it?
  • Tired of carrying extra weight, physically and mentally
  • Love junk food, hate fruit and veg and don’t know how to diet?
  • Do you lack confidence (or scared) to go along to a local weight loss group because of how you feel and look?

Maybe you also fee like …

  • Don’t actually have the time or childcare to go to a local weight loss group
  • lonely and want to interact with other like minded people without the anxiety of being face to face
  • Don’t want to step on a scale every week and want to focus on how you actually look!

I hear you sister!

Oh gosh this was so me! I used to struggle with my weight being up and down and was fixated by the number on the scales! I had been to weight loss groups in the past but the anxiety of all those people, the pressure to get on those scales. No thank you! I love my food but unfortunately non of the health stuff. Like literally none of it! So it makes having a healthy diet that much more difficult for me. I hate most things green and can’t cope with the textures of most fruit and veg. Having been brought up on microwave meals I am only used to squishy food! But after suffering badly with depression and anxiety I ended up discovering exercise. The Dr kept banging on about how it releases happy hormones and how it has no side effects like anti depressants and even more so the effect was instant! So I listened (for once). This then led me to where I am now. A qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. So during my studies on the course I learned so much about food. My whole relationship with food was changing. I suddenly realised you don’t just eat to fix your mood. I was and still am at times such an emotional eater! But now my mindset around food was changing. I was now seeing my body more as a vehicle that needed fuelling. I was so used to running on empty, never eating breakfast and only half filling and with junk! I realised I needed to totally change how I saw my body. Its what I needed to get me from A to B and now food wasn’t just something I saw as a way to curb hunger or to make me feel better. Food was what was going to help me to get from A to B and depending what food I ate depended how I felt and how fast I got from A to B

Am I making sense?

So with my new found epiphany how was I suddenly going to undue leant behaviours I had held onto for such a long time. Well slowly that’s how. So many of us get sucked into doing these drastic and short term diets. And we all know the story, we can’t sustain the diet as its too strict, consequently we don’t maintain the weight loss we had initially enjoyed on the said diet. I wanted to put an end once and for all of my weight being so up and down.

No more yoyo!

I could go from a small size 8 to a large 14 now I know its not a massive weight for a lot but at 5ft it was a lot for me. I loved the boobs though don’t get me wrong and sometimes this even stopped me from wanting to lose weight! The scales would tip from 7st to 10.5stone again at 5ft this put me at obese.  I don’t have any pictures of me being my biggest as I wouldn’t allow it. But here you can clearly see the weight fluctuation. Granted not on a massive scale but you can see it all the same.

 Nicola Yates

How to end the yo yo me

So I now had all the tools I needed to put and end to yo yo me, to the fad diets and my gosh have I tried them all. And my gosh did the class have some laughs at my expense. Most people on my personal training where born gym bunnies, sport fanatics etc etc they all sat eating leaves and rice while I had a ham sanswich and a chocolate bar. But thanks to the course I now had this knowledge about why diets had not helped, why they had been so dangerous and unhealthy and unmaintainable.

There was still one big problem

I don’t like healthy food. At this point the most I had eaten was some Sunday Roast veg but only if it was covered in gravy and masked by chicken or gammon. So I get the lessons I have learned. How an earth do I re learn my taste buds to like foods it doesn’t like? This was hard and there was a lot of gagging and there is still some things I just refuse to touch! Strawberries are one! Wow the texture of those things, no thank you not for me! But, I can blend them and then there is no texture! You see there was a way.

Where there’s a will there’s a way

So I hid a lot of my healthy food, in smoothies, in sauces, in soups. This is how I began slowly introducing new flavours to myself. As for all my bad habits such as only drinking tea with 3 sugars, zero water intake, chocolate as 90% of my diet! I made baby steps. It had taken me many years for all these behaviours to become engrained in me so I knew it wasn’t going to be some quick fix trick.  For example, I cut out 1 of the sugars in my brew, then 2, then I cut out of my brews a day, then 2, then 3 etc etc. I had chocolate smoothie for breakfast (I never normally ate breakfast so I smoothie was a small step before I would eat anything solid). Then I had chocolate porridge so I still had my sweet tooth fix.


One of the biggest lessons I have learned becoming a personal trainer is how crap the scales are!! I call them the sad step and for good reason! The scale is ridiculous. What is big for one person on the scale isn’t for another (as the picture shows below) and it doesn’t tell you what it has measured. All water, all fat, all muscle or a nice even mix? Muscle weighs more than fat, so you could have a slender, toned size 8 woman next to a larger size 16 woman yet they both weight the same as the first ladies muscle weighs the same as the second ladies fat! So when you are getting so upset about that number on that silly step, you don’t know which part of that number is made up of fat! So time to ban the sad step!!! FOR GOOD

Sharing is caring

So, I have decided I want to share all my knowledge with YOU. I want to help you to become a better version of you that you are happy with. I want you to feel more confident and in control of your body. So I have grouped it all together, literally, in one place for meal idea, motivation and accountability !

Here’s what you get


Individual personalised daily calorific target based 100% on you

This is not about counting syns or points. This is about recognising that one of the man ways we actually increase our body fat percentage is by skipping meals. When we do this our body enters starvation mode and thus when we next eat our body stores that meal predominantly as fat! So now we are going to focus on eating enough food. We are also going to break it down to make sure we eat enough types of food for our personal body type. So it may be that 20% of your calories needs to be made up of fat and 50% of carbs etc etc. (when I say fat and carbs I mean the good ones not the bad haha, l’ll teach you those).


Every single day I want the group to be filled with you showing what you have eaten if you met your daily goals, did you go over, how can we help you not go over tomorrow. I want us all to help and support each other. I also want a monthly before and after pictures shared in the group so we can share our progress. See those new jeans we now fit into, see that dress we can finally get back on!

Meal ideas

Well this just goes without saying doesn’t it. But it is our group so I don’t just want the meals to come form me I want you to help yourself too. With the knowledge I give you I want you to explore new foods and ideas. I want us all to share what we find and even do live cook along sessions too! I know we will have some budding chefs waiting to be found!


A place for you to speak to like minded people, share your fears, your bad days and your successes.

ME!! 1 – 2 – 1

I will be there for you every single step. I will look at your food diary and tell you what changes you can make to it. I will help you learn the small steps I took to make big long term changes. Based on you and your food diaries and your body!


Click below and lets get you started !