Diet Bull Sh*t Quashed

Ok so this is one topic that really gets me fired up and frustrated. I just feel so frustrated I can’t get to every single person on the planet. But I shall try and I am glad I have got to you, so please read tell the end of take at least one thing away from all this info below.

One of the reasons I get so annoyed is because massive companies exploit the hell out of us and make a fortune from it. Preying on our weaknesses is such an ugly trait. But because they are big companies and can afford all the fancy ad campaigns, we believe them. They spend thousands on strategic marketing to get inside your mind.

Begin the Ban

From this point on I want you to BAN DIETS. I know I know, how will you ever lose weight again? Well you won’t need to keep ‘dieting’ because you will maintain your weight throughout the whole year! How much better does that sound?


I can hear you, your already telling yourself that you can’t do that, you can’t sustain your ideal weight all year round as it has never happened before. Well there my dear lies your initial problem. Your mindset. You need to take a great big sledge hammer to that. The more you think fat thoughts the more you will be fat. Fat thoughts attracts fat FACT! I am a massive believer in the law of attraction. In a nut shell the law of attraction is a belief that what you think comes true (its a lot more in depth than that but for this purpose that will suffice). So from this moment on you are entitled to be your ideal size, you can be your ideal size, and you will be. TASK  – every morning when you wake up say ‘I am in control of my size and shape’ repeat it over and over and believe it, see it in your mind. 

I have my own name for this nasty piece of equipment. I call it the ‘sad step’ because that is exactly what it is. Mind you, the lying step would also fit too. This can be so so hard for people to take in. I have known people who weigh themselves daily and some several times a day. It literally can be become an addiction. But let me tell you it is a dangerous game the numbers game. Often to get those numbers down you are not losing fat, but muscle! and we need this! There is a good reason some top companies abuse the use of the scale. It is a massive money maker as the scale is so unpredictable. And god forbid your working out alongside their plan! You will be gaining lbs most weeks because guess what? Muscle weighs more than fat. Also ask yourself this, would you like to be a mushier version of your current self? If you answered yes, lose weight, if you answered no lose fat and build muscle (which will mean a huge increase on the sad step!) so now slimmer of the week award for you missy…but you can get into those jeans that are a size of 10 smaller now!

Take a look at the image above. Both ladies weigh the exact same, yet ones weight is made up of fat and the others is muscle. But at one of these famous fat clubs both would be put on the same diet (give and take syns or what ever it is they call things these days) the principle is still the same though. They both still promote there highly fattening, highly chemical ready meals. No respectable health person on this land would ever ever promote ready meals as part of a healthy balanced diet. So this in itself should set alarm bells ringing. Here is another scary fact. My nutritional exam was multiple choice and it was akin to an episode of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ . There was always two answers that where just totally wrong and ridiculous. For example;                                       If a client wants to lose weight should they?

A) eat more fat   B) eat more chocolate  C) reduce fat   D) reduce calories intake and increase exercise.  

Now it doesn’t take an expert to see A and B are ridiculous answers. Now imagine that A and B actually named two companies who use weekly weigh ins. Well this is exactly what occurred in my exam!

Say no no to yo yo  !

We have all done it right?  Yo yo dieting, I used to say no to this. Thinking I don’t do it I just diet sometimes but its not a yo yo diet or a fad diet. OH NICOLA YOU SILLY FOOL. I was a serial yo yo dieter. We believe they work though right. I mean at the min (with it being January as I type) my newsfeed on social media is inundated with people recommending yo yo diets or even asking for the best one. With statements such as “I lost 2 stone when I did it”. I have to stop my self from butting in and asking, can I ask what you weigh now? I would bet my bottom dollar they weight more than the 2 stone they had then lost. These yo yo and fad diets will give you an initial result. But they are never sustainable and often you pile on more than what you started with!! But this is why these clubs have a revolving door, as people are in and out and this keeps them in business. Also one of the main reasons you lose weight initially is just due to the initial change of your current style. This is why new members always get what is known in some of the clubs as ‘beginners loss’. They will have more than likely lost a lot of water weight or have given the diet there all in the first week or two weeks. Its the detox face but once this initial start of is over the real work begins. But the main thing is your never going into a diet with a long term view in mind. It is always for a short term and there are two common reasons, to lose the xmas bulge and to be beach body ready. We also in the year get fed up of the shape looking back at us in the mirror but although we don’t like it we like our lifestyle. Dieting is a short term unrealistic fix that is almost always dangerous, will make you lose weight and not fat (muscle and water is lost instead) and you will pile even more back on. So next time someone recommends a club or diet and says they have lost x amount. Ask them how long they sustained that for!

Meal Replacement Shakes?

Ok so I am not going to go too deep into this one as it is just wrong on so so many levels. With network marketing becoming ever so popular thanks to social media this has gone insane! Meal replacement shakes are a big fat no! They do not work, they are no good for you and they are wrong on many many levels. The ITV Tonight programme recently featured them and confirmed this. Click here for some info and you can find a link on ITV catch up maybe too. In the programme they did a study showing four people. Two where given the calorific equivalent to what was in a popular meal replacement shake (110 calories I think it was) and the other two where given the shake. The two who ate the meals felt full and satisfied after eating, the shakers felt hungry and not satisfied. Then sometime later they were all given the option to eat a buffet. The two who had eaten previously where not interested in the buffet and ate what they could to be polite. The shakers ate the entire buffet and finished of the other buffet too!! So just don’t ok. Don’t go there. There silly, there based on lies just no.

So what can you do to lose weight?

I have taken pretty much all of your usual lifelines away and left you feeling deflated and beaten. I am sorry. But this is tough loving! Take it or leave it. But the good news is there is a way ! and it hasn’t changed for many many years. You simply eat less and move more! Now this doesn’t mean you need to spend five hours in a gym 7 days a week. There are much smaller ways to increase your activity levels. I try to simplify things. Look at it like this, Your a car, you fuel your body, you need to use that fuel otherwise it lies dormant in the car and goes all funny and makes the car swell up. You need to use the fuel in your car and then re fill with good fuel so that the car lasts you for many many years. YOU ARE THE CAR AND FOOD IS YOUR FUEL! You might have an office job and work silly hours and you don’t want to use your precious me time sweating it out. That’s fine, so take the stairs in work, walk to work, get of the bus two stops earlier, walk around the building on your lunch hour. These will all increase your activity level yet are so simple. At home you can take a brisk ten minute walk, if you have a partner get them to join you and your killing two birds with one stone and having some couple time (no phones allowed). Be more active at the weekends go for a light jog, hire a bike, go to the coast and walk along the beach. There are endless little things you can do. Tabata is great quick workout. I love tabata workouts they’re fast, yet highly effective. You could get up half an hour earlier each morning and get one done (I have one in my shop click here).

You are unique

You are you and no one else so why follow the same diet as everyone else. This is another common mistake. We need to appreciate how individual we are. What works for Joe wont work for Jane, simple as that. I have always taken my clients BMR (note not BMI) and used this as a base to help me come up with their daily calorific target. Also looking at their activity level, their age etc. I also break it down into how the calories should be divided for example 20% of the calories to be fat (I aint talking doughnuts here I am talking good fats!). This helps you to get the balanced diet you need for you.

Common Sense Wins

We need to remember we are not silly. We get too lost and confused in what we can and can’t eat. What is good fat and bad fat what is right and wrong. It is so simple we have just let the media and these big companies scare us and mess with our heads. Let me ask you this, if we went out for a meal and on the menu there was a chicken pizza, or a chicken breast served with sweet potatoes and green veg. Which would you say is the healthier option? Of course you would choose the chicken breast. See it is not rocket science. I tell clients to strip it right back. Ask yourself could a cave man eat it? If he could never in million years have eaten it then don’t. But if he could have had he known where to source it etc then yes. The same principle applies as above, he wouldn’t have been able to get a chicken pizza, he would have been able to get a chicken breast and sweet potato and green veg! So try not to over complicate things. Never buy ready meals, never get processed foods AND NEVER EVER EVER GET ANYTHING THAT SAYS REDUCED FAT, SALT OR SUGAR! For what they have taken out they have added in other forms which will be more detrimental to you. Also they have a loop hole they are allowed to be approx. 15% either side from the original product. So it could actually have 15% more fat or salt or sugar in it! It is a lot easier than you think to make things from scratch. I used to pick up my trusted jar sauce and simply read the ingredients and buy them with the exception of all the chemicals. I have been a busy single mum of 3 and full time work and student and managed make all meals from scratch it takes hardly any time to prepare sauces. So no excuses!

Baby Steps

So you know roughly what you should and shouldn’t eat but you are so far of the scale where do you begin. My friend I have been right there. Here is an example. I used to eat chocolate for breakfast and I am talking a full family bar, am talking a full packet of chocolate biscuits. I would then eat a sandwich or a pasty and more choc (or id skip lunch all together which is terrible do not skip meals ever!) then for my evening meal I would have pizza, burgers, anything junk and more chocolate. Now I was addicted to chocolate due to a medical condition I was unknowingly feeding (no not a baby lol). I drank tea with 3 sugars and I used to love fizzy pop. I didn’t like any fruit or vegetables and had no cooking skills. Yet now I eat everything from scratch and am a decent enough cook. Do I still enjoy take always and chocolate? of course. Life is all about balance.


But back to it. How did I make such drastic changes? Baby steps. I started with my beloved cups of tea, I cut down to 2 sugars, then when I was used to that about two weeks later to 1 sugar.  Then every other tea I had a flavoured water instead. Then I had a tea only in the morning and evening and the rest flavoured water. Then before I knew it I never really drank brews much. I applied this principle to everything else. I loved my pizzas there was no way I was giving them up. So I now made a cauliflower pizza base and used cheese and some spinach and peppers as a topping and some chorizo. I used omelettes to make a pizza, some tomato puree and some chorizo and cheese and boom pizza tasting. I used wholemeal pitta bread as a pizza base too. I loved chicken nuggets and chips (so what. I am not 8, sue me!). So I cut out the chips and had the chicken nuggets in a wholemeal wrap, then I swapped the nuggets for plain chicken flavoured with herbs and spices. Are you starting to get my drift. I made small simple changes. Yes it may have took me the best part of the year tell my diet was totally changed but I still stick to it several years later. Yes I have days off, I am human! But those days off remind me of my old self. I feel so sluggish and bloated and just horrible. So it is good to have days off to remember and see how you must have felt all the time. I suffered with terrible acne all my life. Now I get the odd spot occasionally. Baby steps and be human and allow your self some slack once in a while or even once a week (just go for a brisk walk or two the day after haha).


Nothing changes unless you do


On a final note. No diet, no fad, no surgery, no nothing will ever change if your mindset doesn’t change. I have seen it and even been there myself. We think ‘oh if I am a size 10 ill be ok’, I will be less stressed, I will be happier, more confident etc etc. NOPE sorry you won’t, you need to fix the mind. You should be able to love yourself and your body and its shape no matter what it looks like. The only way to become happy with it is to change mentally not physically. Also there is more to you than your looks, looks don’t last forever your soul does (awwww so cheesy haha). So don’t just diet and exercise work the mind too. Self development, mediation, law of attraction work, mindset work. All these need to go hand in hand with your new lifestyle.

Now go out and start making those small changes and moving that butt of yours!

I hope this has enlightened you and opened you up to new possibilities. If you would like to work with me on your mindset, diet and physical exercise then click there to read more information about my Stronger Than Your Mind Academy.

Please also share this if you found it useful in anyway shape or form.

Nix -x-

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