Crochet For A Healthy Mind

Have a mental illness and want to relieve it’s symptoms?

Do you want to learn to relax and stop overthinking?

Need to de stress and be less aggitated?

Want to learn a skill and have a new hobby?

“Crochet can help you manage your day to day battles”

Did you know, crocheting can help abosorb hours of worry while soothing the bleakness of the black cloud of depression. 

Mental health is a silent illness that can leave us feeling isolated and worthless. A hobby, especially one such as crocheting can bring purpose and value back to our lives. It can also become a much needed social outlet as you discover a new world within your community and even in online communities. 

And guess what, science agrees. The gentle repitition of stitches stimulates the production of serotonin in the the brain. One of the chemicals that is found in all mental health medication and is responsible for helping elevate our moods. 

I had personally been using my own natural remedies with my mental illnesses for years, and it is the centre of my entire business. As  mental health personal trainer, I used exercise to naturally release my happy chemicals. Exercise is, after all, the most under utilised antidepressant. However, once I became pregnant with my 4th child I was put on high risk and advised not to exercise. I was scared how I was going to cope. This is how I discovered I could get similar natural benefits but without having to move much.  

I struggled for so long trailing through the endless YouTube videos trying to find tutorials to teach myself how to crochet.  Not only did it feel lonely I felt I was getting nowhere and I was getting annoyed with it.


Through scrolling endlessly for help I discovered ‘At Home with Ivy’; seeing her Instagram images of pretty crochet items made me want to figure this out. The lady behind the amazing Instagram images kindly helped me learn how to finally get to grips with crochet. I am now a keen crocheting and making some amazing projects that I am proud of. On days when I feel like my inner demons are beating me I get a sense of accomplishment at the creations I make.  

There was no question that I wanted to bring this experience to as many other mental illnesses sufferes as I could. So, it was without a doubt that I wanted to team up with the lovely Holly from “At Home with Ivy” to help me bring you the power of crochet. We have brought our two businesses together to create a crochet workshop like no other. 

 Crochet For A Healthy Mind Workshop – What do you get?


Indepth crochet tutorials

Access to Holly who will help you to become confident in crochet

Your first finished crochet project

An at home workout to help you release even more happy hormones, natrually

A workbook to help you take progressive steps to becoming stronger than your mind

Access and support from a mental health personal trainer, including group support via Facebook. 

Crochet For  Healthy mind - Get the Workshop Today


Today is the day you take action, today is the day you take the first step to becoming stronger than your mind.

Option 1


You can purchase the workshop only at a one off cost of £22.00

Option 2


You can purchase the Crochet For A Healthy Mind Workshop plus so many more all in one place for a small monthly fee, as little as £10.

Workshops such as ;

  • Getting to grips with emotional eating
  • How to quit overthinking
  • Sleeping to sanity
  • Self esteem 
  • Confidence and Fears