5 Days to a Stress Free Christmas 2019


Are you feeling really anxious about Christmas?

 Do  want to just hide under your duvet until it’s over? 

Do you wish you could turn your mental illness of for just one day? 

Do you get into into arguments about who and when you will see people over Christmas? 

Are you feeling lonely because you don’t have a big family to see for Christmas? 

Are you waking up in cold sweats (or not sleeping at all) because you’re worrying about money? 

Do you get upset about loved ones who won’t be here to celebrate Christmas? 

Are you worrying about the impending Christmas day family arguments? 

Are you feeling pressured because you’re expected to be happy and jolly for Christmas?



We all know that Christmas is a magical time of year, we are reminded of it on never ending occasions, inc TV adverts full of happy smiley people, a big family dinner with happy kids and happy families. A huge tree full of presents and everyone laughing and smiling. The perfect Christmas scene 

But then there is real life

Real life just isn’t like that. We strive for the perfect Christmas, so much so that we put immense pressure on the whole situation. We can then end up feeling even crappier than we felt before Christmas and for those of us who suffer with mental illness, that was already pretty crap, Am I right? Now we have the added pressure of putting on a Christmas as magical as the ones in the adverts.

But our mental illnesses don’t just take the holidays off. So, why do people expect us to become this overly happy person just because the main man is due with his elves.

 Stats have proven that Christmas has turned from ‘One of the most wonderful times of the year’ to the most stressful.

With all the stress and hassle. Christmas can also be the most lonely and upsetting time of year for many of us and for many different reasons. We may be facing our first Christmas without a precious loved one. Or it may have been some years since you lost someone but Christmas brings the grieve back to the surface and the feelings feel so raw all over again. 

Maybe there is certain family members who you have lost touch with, had an argument with and despite all what has happened you still miss them at this time of year. You long for them to get in touch but can’t quite make the first steps to do that yourself. 

For some who are suffering mental illness following abuse, maybe the festive period is a harsh reminder of when abuse was at its worse. Most abuse does highten during the festive period for many different reasons. But it can mean the mental scars of that abuse seem ever more present at this time of year. 

The reality is that Christmas can be massive trigger for so many of us and for so many different reasons and is why charity support lines such as The Samaritans are so overly stretched at this time of year (but don’t let that put you off getting in touch  if you need them click here to be taken to their website)

 Despite all this there is something we can do



Join me on my 5 day Mind Fu*k Free Christmas 2019 challenge


Every day for 5 days starting on the 20th December you will receive a challenge from me, via inbox. Together we will become stronger than our minds this Christmas. Lets make Christmas 2019 the year you took control and took the stress, upset and general blueness out of it all.

Are you ready to take control?

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