Are you sick of your mind taking over your life?

Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness?

Struggling to cope with the day to day symptoms?

Are you finding it hard to accept or deal with your mental illness?

Are you feeling frustrated being stuck on a waiting list for your talking therapies? Or do you feel that your talking therapies aren't working for you?

Do you feel lost and don't truly understand what your diagnoses is?

Do you feel disconnected from the real you? Or who you used to be?

Do you find it difficult to speak to your friends or family about how you feeling?

Do those around you find it difficult to understand your illness? Leaving you isolated and alone?

Are you fed up of feeling the way you do, yet have no idea what to do to change things? to recover? to find you again?

If you are sitting there saying yes, this is me…

NOW is the time to take the steps to finally understand what is happening to you and to becoming YOU again

Are you ready to find you again and take the first steps to recovery? To finally do something about this gripping tight hold that your mental ilnness currently has over you?

You have two options, do nothing and keep going on as you are, waiting for help to come to you (which it won’t by the way), or keep reading and join me on this incredible journey and finally take control over your life, your health & most importantly your mind.

What makes me the expert…

and why have I created this particular programme for you?

After my initial diagnoses with a mental illness my world crumbled. I had been struggling a lot up to that point, but now it was all real, I really was crazy, I was ill. I think part of your subconscious mind when you hear you’re ill, you take to your sick bed. That coupled with how we are feeling mentally and being attached to a label with such stigma, it encourages you to hide away, or I know I certainly did. I shut myself away for months, I hardly left my bed and if I did it was only for my sofa. I was just trying everyday to make it to the end of the day while waiting for my NHS treatment to begin. I would see a counselor once a week but this was only an interim measure for me as I needed more in depth help so when those 8 sessions ended I was just left to sit and wait.

I was letting life pass me by and I may as well have been successful in my suicide, even though I was alive, I certainly wasn’t living. I was being over consumed by the demons in my head.

One day I decided enough was enough, I started to take steps of my own. I couldn’t just sit and wait for the treatment offered via NHS that was on its knees. I needed to do something for me too. I needed to take back control of my life and I wanted to do more to help myself become stronger than my mind. So I did! I am living my life on MY terms and no longer being controlled by my mental illnesses.

And now I’m ready to share those strategies with YOU. But, why am I different to what you can get on the NHS?

I am not someone who is just here to share my journey, I am a qualified expert providing you with real life tools that you can implement straight away, tools & strategies I also use on myself. You can go to your GP and get the ‘medical’ support, BUT taking tablets won’t help you with the day to day struggles that are STILL there. That is what I am here for, that is what I am all about, filling that void that gap, between meds and day to day to life. And also for people like me who are simply unable to cope with the side effects of meds so have chosen (rightly or wrongly) to not take meds. There is another way, there is more we can do to help and that is what I am here for, what I am trained and qualified for.

What does the programme involve?

This 4 part programme will provide you with the strategies to fully understand how to live & deal with your mental illness on a day to day basis. If you are waiting for talking therapy or are currently in talking therapy, then this is the perfect addition to compliment it. This programme is like no other that you will find on the NHS so please don’t be put off by any current treatments on treatments your on a waiting list for. 

Throughout the journey to you becoming stronger than your mind, together we will be working on;

Accepting & understanding your mental illness

Understanding that you are enough

Living in the now & letting go of the past

Becoming stronger than your mind

How will the programme be delivered?

Over the course which you do independently at your own time and in your own pace, I will be providing you with support & strategies to implement in your daily life via a series of workbooks. Each day you will receive a different workbook on all of the above topics and more in order for you to be taking the pathway to finding you again. 

This course is only for you if you are ready to take action, and willing to finally get out of this dark hole you have been living in & finally understanding what is happening to you, and it’s NOT your fault, or something you should be ashamed of.

We will be digging deep and will learn so much more about your own individual illness, how to talk to your family and friends so they can also begin to understand and support you. You’ll receive key words and codes to use with them on those days when opening up feels impossible. This course will not only help you but it will also help those around you, improve your relationship with them and more importantly your ability to communicate effectively with each other.

Are you ready?

If you are ready to deal with your mental illness face on then now is the time to work with me, and take control.


For an investment of £45 I will help you to realise and become stronger than your mind. 

I just want to say you really are amazing you are such a big inspiration in my life. I suffer with depression and anxiety, but your work makes me look at life so differently and really opens up the mind. Thank you for what you do because without you I probably would be in such a deep place. 

Emma from Manchester

I know for a 100% fact that I wouldn’t be here without you and your workshops. I wouldn’t know there’s most likely underlying problems I was unaware of.

Jess from Scotland

People think because you suffered a while ago that it just leave you. But it doesn’t it stays with you. It may not be on the surface like it was but it’s still there. I was on my own going through counselling, then I found your group and realised I was not on my own. 

Amy from Ashton